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Energy Efficiency Incentive Rebate Program

Terms and Conditions

The rebate will be issued as a credit on the customer's utility bill.

Any deemed falsification by the customer on a product rebate request will result in an indefinite removal from the rebate program. Additionally, any rebate amount, if credited to the customer, shall be applied to the customer's utility bill as an amount owed to the City of Shelby.

The program can be reviewed at any time by the City of Shelby for available supporting funds. If funds are not available, the rebate program will be suspended until sufficient funds are available.  The Director of Finance shall determine if funds are available for the program.

The program application, rebate amounts, and the terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

The Director of Public Service has the right to suspend the Residential Energy Efficiency Incentive Rebate Program at any time. A disclosure will be provided as to the reason for the suspension.

Any discrepancy in the amount of credit due to the customer shall favor the City of Shelby.

The maximum amount of rebate per year per utility account number shall be $1000 (one thousand), excludes LED light fixtures.

The total combined residential, commercial, and industrial rebate payout per year shall not exceed $100,000 (one hundred thousand) unless authorized by the Director of Finance.

The listed Energy Star product must be installed at the utility account number address as stated on the application.

The replaced product must be removed from any service and disposed of at an approved recycling center.

The rebate application must be submitted within 90 (ninety) days of the purchase date to qualify for a rebate.

The City of Shelby, Ohio does not endorse any manufacturer or Energy Star product. 

Terms and Conditions